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What Memories are Made Of

Today was "One of Those Days" that make memories. It started with a 7 am stroll along the Guitar Walk at Cavenaugh Park in Walnut Ridge Arkansas. The Guitar Walk is a 115 foot long concrete guitar, complete with frets, strings and unbelievable detail. Along the edges are plaques that are nothing short of mini museums, paying tribute to early Rock 'n Roll legends Sonny Burgess, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and others that gave birth to Rock n’ Roll, at venues along Rock n’ Roll Highway 67 that runs through the area. When the mountain music of the Ozarks met the sound of Delta Blues their marriage gave birth to a unique blend of music known as rockabilly. Many of the artists performed in gymnasiums and honkytonks along Rock n’ Roll Highway 67 as they honed their musical skills.

After riding about 25 miles I stopped at a bike shop in Jonesboro that agreed to open early to replace my rear tire. Then a major thunderstorm hit as I'm leaving for Memphis. I'm waiting it out in a Subway next to a gas station on the highway when the power went out and the manager made everyone leave the store. I had been watching the weather radar and a series of storms were to continue to hit the Jonesboro and Memphis area for the rest of the day. So....I made a decision to get a room, forego the remaining 65 miles and hang out for the rest of the day. Sure enough within an hour the weather totally changes, the storms clear, it is sunny and I'm in a motel room. Tomorrow's forecast is early morning thunderstorms!!! It's days like today that make the ride exciting, challenging and create lasting memories.

You can see the fields under water from the storms and the swollen muddy river. Lastly, while I'm at the bike shop someone walks in and wants to have his picture taken with me. He had seen my bike trailer outside the shop and had heard about my ride through a friend in Missouri.

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