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Wine Country and the California Coast

Spent the last 3 days in Napa Valley enjoying great wine and good food. Drove up the Northern California coast yesterday and plan on spending the weekend exploring the Redwoods National Park. Had a little excitement the last day in Napa. We stayed at the Napa County Expo (fairgrounds) RV park....a small limited service camp with minimal onsite staff (one grumpy old man to be exact) but within walking distance of downtown Napa. We decided to stay an extra day which meant we had to move to a different camp site within park. There was no set check out time to move to a different spot and check in time was 1 pm. We were told to stay in our spot until we could check back in at 1 pm. We left to have lunch, came back promptly at 1 pm only to find a line of RVers waiting to check of which was ready to move into the spot we were in. Having to wait 5 minutes for us to move prompted the @#$%&$ waiting RVer to get upset which lead to the @#$%*& admonishing me for not moving at 11 am even though we were told we couldn't move until 1 pm. The end result was the @#$%& RVer's RV was too big for the spot he reserved and we got a much bigger new spot than we really needed. First time in 2+ months of being on the road we have encountered an "unfriendly" RVer.

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02 avr. 2022

as they say;, there's always one bad apple...

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