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Walking Among Giants and a Small World

Spent the day In the Redwoods National park walking among giants....trees that are the tallest and oldest in the world. 370+ feet tall and up to 2000+ years old. The Redwood National Park system which includes 3 California state parks are among the most diverse in the world.....incredible coastal views, river valleys filled with trees, wildlife and more. And, at the end of a long day and a long walk, I walk by the RV staying next to us on the beach and it turns out to be friends, Dan Earl and Jackie Henrion of Sandpoint. Dan and Jackie heard about the RV park we are staying at from other friends in Sandpoint....Bob and Lynne Walsh. We only happened to be at the same park Dan and Jackie checked into today because we moved from another park yesterday after realizing the other park wasn't for us. It truly is a small world among giant!!!!!

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