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About Mel



I live in Sandpoint Idaho with my wife Claudia.   I’m 67, in good health and enjoy traveling, boating, bike riding, hiking and spending time with my children and grandchildren who also live in Sandpoint.  I also enjoy community involvement.  Over the years I've been involved in several non-profit organizations ranging from education to services.  I am the immediate past president of the Sandpoint Rotary Club.


The Ride


I’ve been riding bicycles all my life.  From riding to grade school and classes in college to riding after retirement and everything in between.  I’ve ridden 10,000+ miles around the U.S., I’ve been involved with 5 different teams that competed in Race Across America, a 3,000+ mile bike race, and several multi-week bike tours.  


My upcoming trip will be from Northern Idaho to Key West Florida.  I will be leaving on August 1, 2020 and plan on arriving in Key West no later than October 15, 2020.  I will be enjoying the "sights, sounds and smells" of 5,000+ miles of back roads across the Northern, Western, Central and Southern U.S.  I will be riding by myself totally unsupported.…just my bike, a tent and a small trailer with my gear.  My wife, family and friends will join me for a couple of months of rest and relaxation in Key West.  I plan on taking Amtrak back to Sandpoint in late December.  Click here to see my route.


About the Cause: Sandpoint Rotary Club Youth Services

Why I’m Riding

I’m excited about riding and hope to raise funds for the Sandpoint Rotary Club’s Youth Service programs.  These programs make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of students as they prepare for the future.


Our Rotary Club’s Youth Service programs include:

  •  inbound and outbound foreign exchange students;

  • scholarships for graduating high school students;

  • helping fund the Book Trust, a program that provides a book a month to students in grades 1-3 in our local school district; 

  • a two-day youth leadership program for high school students;

  • a week-long leadership program for emerging leaders aged 18 to 25;

  • helping fund Food for Our Children, a non-profit organization that provides backpacks of food on weekends for students in need; and 

  • helping fund an after-school reading and literacy initiative of our local school district.


100% of donations will go to the Youth Services programs.  None of the contributions will be used to fund my ride.  To make it simple, I’m asking everyone to consider donating at least a penny per mile or $50.  Any amount will be appreciated.


So please click here to make a contribution that will change the lives of children.  You can "join" me on this adventure by donating now to these worthy causes.  With my effort and your donation, we can make a difference in the lives of our most import resource, our youth.

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