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Wet 'N Wild

Wet cloudy and wild day on a narrow busy road with rumble strips. Rode 84 miles today through mostly Northern Arkansas. Highlight of the day was spending time at Mammoth Spring State Park in the rock and forest-covered Ozark Mountains of North central Arkansas. Mammoth Spring is the 3rd largest spring in the Ozark region and the 7th largest spring in the World. The spring's outlet pool is pictured above with the mouth of the spring actually 80 feet below the outlet pool. Imagine 9+ million gallons of water an hour pouring out of that spring! The spring is the headwaters for Arkansas's Spring River which has excellent trout fishing.

Today's ride was marked by several rain showers, lots of climbing and to my surprise, the last 6 miles were absolutely flat as a pancake. It was like the Ozark Mountains just disappeared into thin air!!! My stay in Arkansas will be short as I head to Memphis Tennessee tomorrow.

Many thanks to all who have been following my journey. I appreciate you comments and daily emails. You give me inspiration to continue on the journey, especially when I am "grinding away" at 5-6 miles an hour up long climbs. Thanks again for your donations to the ride causes....the Youth Services programs of the Sandpoint Rotary Club.

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