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Unbelievable Day

Toughest day of cycling in my life. How tough was it? Harder than Ride the Rockies on a tandem, harder than riding 324 miles during the last 24 Hours for Hank ride and harder then any day on Race Across America and I only rode 91 miles.. Headwinds you wouldn't believe. 3,000+ of climbing into a massive headwind and rain. 35 miles into a headwind this afternoon, never riding more than 3 miles without stoping to consume at least 20 oz. of fluids and taking a 5-10 minute break. You know it is tough when you are hoping a semi-truck, going 70 mph, just a foot of rumble strips separating you and death, will pass so you can, for a fleeting moment, ride in the slip stream at 9 mph rather than 7 mph!

Great scenery! Hard to narrow down just a few photos today. Early morning sunrise outside of Sheridan MT. You know the old sailor's adage, "red sky at night, sailer's delight, red sky in the morning, sailers take warning". I should have turned around, crawled back in bed and taken the day off when I saw that beautiful red sky! Beautiful horses...can you find the 4th horse in the pic? Shot of an early morning rainbow from the "Grateful Bread" bakery in Sheridan. Rainfall in the mountains and a couple trout fishing in a float boat on the world famous Madison River. Going to sleep well tonight!

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