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Tough to find a place to stay

Rode 85 miles through the Bitterroot River Valley and surrounding mountains today. Lots of traffic....the first 45 miles were on the Bitterroot Bike Trail from Missoula to Hamilton MT. Pictures of the Bitterroot River Valley, a lone fisherman on the East Fork of the Bitterroot and Trapper Peak, the highest mountain in the Bitterroots. Picture is of my campsite for the night. I've discovered that most of the main campgrounds/RV stops are unavailable unless you have reservations. At Lost Trail RV Campground tonight. They had no room but let me pitch the tent in the miniature golf area! I wanted to stay at a funky old white water rafting lodge but they are only open on weekends due to COVID-19. Too big mountain passes tomorrow. About 5,000 feet of climbing. Should be fun!!!!

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