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Tiger King!!!

Cloudy, dreary, rainy day. Got in an early morning walk before the rain started. Not being able to do anything because of the rain, we decided to take a drive up the Keys so Hillary, our daughter, Rory, her boyfriend and Ryder, their 18 month old baby could see the 7 mile bridge and get a view of the Keys. It rained during most of the drive so no pictures of the 7 mile bridge. On the way back we saw a terrible single car accident on the bridge that must have been caused by hydroplaning. The entire motor and transmission were ripped from the car and scattered on the other side of the road....the rear of the car was totally folded up and all air bags were triggered.

Highlight of the trip was Rory and Ryder having their picture taken at James Garretson's Porkys Jet Ski Rental. Garretson gained some fame earlier this year in his limited role on Netflix's documentary series Tiger King, released in March, 2020. Tiger King, a true crime documentary about the life of Joe Exotic. The mini-series focused on the small but deeply interconnected society of big cat conservationists such as Carole Baskin, owner of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa Florida, and collectors of big cats such as Exotic. Garretson, a cast member of Tiger King who turned FBI informant, was instrumental in Exotic being convicted of a "hire for murder" scheme over his role in hiring someone to have Baskin murdered. While we were having lunch at Porkys, Garretson walked through the restaurant several times and Hillary and Rory, avid fans of Tiger King, immediately recognized him.

I have to confess, while I have heard of Tiger King, I didn't watch any of the 7 shows and really knew nothing about the series until today.

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