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The Number 20!!!!

Great blue sky day. Cool but sunny all day. Lots of random walking all over the island as evidenced by the pictures for the day.

A couple of locals fishing early this morning on the White Street Pier. 70 degrees at the time and listening to the guys fishing you would have sworn they were fishing on Lake Pend Oreille when it is 28 degrees with winds out of the North!!! Every day I ask them how's fishing? And, everyday the answer is the same....great but no fish yet.

One of the coolest places in Key West is the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center. The Center features over 6,000 square feet of interactive and dynamic exhibits including a mock-up of Aquarius, the world's only underwater ocean laboratory. Colorful marine artwork depicting the deep sea, coral reef, and mangrove shoreline decorates the outside wall of the Center. The only problem is the Center hasn't been open because of COVID-19....maybe next time I'll get to see it! Speaking of next time, Claudia has reluctantly agreed to my next cross country bike ride planned for 2033 when I turn 80. A good goal to keep me riding even if I may need an electric assist bike!

Amazingly clear ocean water today. One of the more unusual headstones in the Key West Cemetery and one of the most unusual backyards in Key West. Anyone want some turquoise bikes....some assembly required.

Lastly, a question for anyone that is still reading my blogs....what does the headline of "The Number 20" relate to? Answer to follow in my next blog post.

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1 Comment

Dec 04, 2020

Hmmm.... quick online search reveals 0 clues... Can't be the 20th blog post - seems like many more than that! A new bike?

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