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The "Look" !!!

Close up view of my new friend who lives about 2 blocks down the street. He loves to come out on sunny days and steal the attention near the Southern Most Point. To get the close-up I was about 2 feet away. In hindsight after looking at the feet and toes and knowing how fast the green iguana can move and climb trees, I'm not sure getting that close was a good idea. I wonder what he was thinking about me. He clearly was giving me the "Look" !!!

Beautiful sunny day...friends from Wisconsin came in yesterday and in about an hour my fishing buddy from Minneapolis will arrive. Can't wait to get out fishing tomorrow morning.

The yellow building above is part of the Rams Head Group of restaurants, a small 2 restaurant chain with locations in Key West and Annapolis, Maryland. The Key West Rams Head bar has a great Bloody Mary and a favorite of my fishing buddy who comes in today. For those who are familiar with the Race Across America (RAAM), a 24/7 3,000+ mile bicycle race from Oceanside California to Annapolis Maryland, you know that the Rams Head Inn in Annapolis is the final stopping point on RAAM before finishing at the docks in Annapolis. For 5 years in a row (2011 through 2015) Team Laughing Dog from Sandpoint competed in RAAM and stopped at the Rams Head Inn, a great place to have a meal and share a beer over completing one of the most challenging endurance bicycle race in the World. I was fortunate to be a member of TLD as both a crew member for 3 years and a rider for one year. I also may be one of the few that can say they have had a beer in both Rams Head bars!!!

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