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The Journey Continues!

Today we begin the journey home. It starts with a shuttle ride to Miami, an overnight stay and then catching an early morning train to Washington DC, on to Chicago and then Sandpoint. With luck we should arrive at midnight on Friday the 18th, just in time to get ready for the Holidays.

My last post from Key West. It's been a great 2 and 1/2 months. We've enjoyed great times with family and friends, explored the island, enjoyed the beach, caught and ate more fish than you can imagine and experienced the relaxed lifestyle of Key West. We've seen the diversity of the island and met the characters that call Key West home.

In my posts and photos I've tried to capture the "soul" of the island. From incredible sunrises and sunsets to the amazing people that call Key West home. A melting pot of the world....from Eastern European and South American waitstaff at the many great restaurants, the crews of mega yachts from around the world, generations of residents from Cuba and the Bahama's, retirees from the East Coast and the thousands of tourists that flood the island on a daily basis. It truly is a part of the U.S. like no where else, relaxed and laid-back, yet bustling and vibrant, all at the same time.

Thanks to all that shared my journey and supported the Sandpoint Rotary Club's Youth Services programs.

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1 Comment

Dec 14, 2020

Safe journey home! The train trips sound like so much fun!

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