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The Interesting, Unusual and Unknown

The wind gods were with me today. Left at 5:30 am and until 8:30 am no wind. After that mostly cross winds with an occasional tailwind. More of the same farm, ranching and energy related scenery.'s pics are the "interesting, unusual and unknown (at least to me). Great early morning sunrise! The worst thing a touring cyclist can see on the road...wind towers. During the heat of the day, I wanted so much to crawl under the irrigation system watering the field pictured above. Who knew the Spanish came to Kansas in 1541 in search of the Quivira, one of the "Seven Cities of Gold". Think about that....Jamestown wasn't colonized until 1607...over 60 years after the Spanish were in Kansas. Who knows what the machine pictured above is or does? Great shot of the county building in Lyons Kansas where I am staying tonight. Sandpoint isn't the only place with a miniature Statue of Liberty. 93 miles today. Layover for a while in Great Bend Kansas to get my chain changed, my rear wheel "trued" and get Bob's tire fixed. Bob and I got into it this morning....I suppose when you basically spend 24/7 with someone you really don't know...a few spats are to be expected. Bob was riding with a flat for at least 40 miles before I acknowledged it. Needless to say, he was upset with me. He'll get over it!!!

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