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The Beaverhead

Ever have one of those days? Woke up to a mountain chill and strong headwinds. Two fairly tough climbs. Finished the first one only to have a flat at the top of the pass. After changing the tube, immediately flatted twice again because of a 'pinch flats". Down to my last tube, I managed to fix the flat. Pictures of Sunrise as I was leaving the Big Hole, a herd of sheep and the "Beaverhead".... a rock formation, which the Shoshone described as being shaped like a beaver's head. Was planning on camping in Twin Bridges at a bike only campground. Got there only to find a young biker already there who told me he was sick, so I immediately left and am staying at a room at the Quik Stop gas station. To end the day, I went to plug in my cell phone only to discover I left the charger at the hostel where I stayed yesterday. As I said, it was one of those days!!!

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I’m excited about riding and hope to raise funds for the Sandpoint Rotary Club’s Youth Service programs.  These programs make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of students as they prepare for the future.


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