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Stormy Weather

The day started out great. Cool, sunny, no wind....much easier riding than yesterday. Around 11 am the storm clouds started to build, the wind came up and the humidity soared. After 45 miles of riding I decided to take stock of the weather and the remainder of the day. I wanted to get to Arkansas this afternoon and was easily on track when I decided to seek shelter. Within 5 minutes of taking the picture of the storm clouds and getting into a hotel room, the storm hit with a fury....winds, pelting rain, and what had the makings of a potential tornado. While it is mild now, more storms are expected throughout the evening and tomorrow. Currently hunkered down in West Plains Missouri monitoring the weather.

Starting to see some of the first signs of fall. Yesterday I noticed some leaves starting to change and today the corn fields were all dry and looking ready for harvest. Just a touch of chill in the air in the mornings and the last several days the fog can be seen drifting across the horizon early in the morning.

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