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Storms, Wind and More

Short ride today...only about 60 miles. The day started great then rain, brutal head winds and thunder and lightening. The good news is I had some of the best oatmeal in my life waiting out the storm in a bowling alley in Dighton Kansas....according to the owner the secret is finely ground up pistachios mixed with walnuts. Got back on the road around noon and ended the day in Ness City Kansas. One of benefits of riding is you get an opportunity to stop and read historical markers which in Kansas have been few and far between so far. I was taken by the marker sharing the connection of George Washington Carver to Kansas and thought I would share the entire wording. Scenery has changed slightly....some rolling hills, lots of old farm sites and windmills, more oil derricks and massive grain storage facilities every 5-10 miles.

Many of asked about Bob. Stay tuned, more about Bob in the next several days!!

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