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Smoke, Slide, Sage and Sailing

Tough day....85 miles of smoke, traffic and getting lost on bike trails. Due to fires Interstate 70 is closed in Glenwood Canyon. So...I had to ride 33 miles on a two lane road some without shoulders with all the diverted Interstate traffic....quite nerve wreaking to say the least. Interesting picture of the overflow area of one of the dams I rode across...looked like a giant waterslide to me and if there had been more water I would have gone down it. Rode through high desert plain with lots of sage as well as 2,500+ feet of climbing to get to Breckenridge where I am staying tonight. Mini-version of the Eiffel Tower in Breckenridge seemed appropriate given it's made from bike wheels. Tomorrow's ride starts with a 11 mile climb out of Breckenridge to the top of Hoosier 11,500+ feet the highest point I will ride on the trip. Can't wait for the climb!!!

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