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Sights from a Slow World!!!

Another day in Key West exploring the island. One of the great things about doing a bicycle tour is the "world slows down" and you have an opportunity to experience sights that you would seldom notice or see as a driver or passenger in a vehicle. Many of my blog photos over the last two months are of sights that I would have never seen or appreciated at 70 mph. The same is true when you walk. I've walked about 70 miles since I arrived in Key West last Thursday. The pictures above are some of what I call "hidden gems" that I would have likely never seen unless I was on the bike or walking. A massive compass with the Rotary International "wheel" logo at the end of the White Street Pier in Key West. Yes, that's a very large truck on a barge in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sighted while riding across the 7 Mile Bridge in the Keys. A pic of the elusive Everglades Florida panther. A giraffe spotted in the front yard of a Key West home....I actually did a double take and went back after walking by to see if it really was a giraffe. Lastly, an evening view of a Marina with a "bird's eye" view.

I've commented on how helpful and nice people have been during the ride. Today, I'm out for my morning walk looking for a particular coffee shop in the middle of a residential area of Key West. I can't find it and as I am talking to Siri to find the address a voice out of the blue says "2 blocks down and on your right". I look around and there is no one in sight so I start walking. The voice again says "2 blocks down and on the right". By now, I'm starting to think I am hearing things. Well, it turns out a lady having her morning coffee on her porch completely out of sight because of hedges had heard me and was offering helpful directions.

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