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Shipwrecks, Beach Day and a Birthday Party!!!

It's been all about spending time at the beach, Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum, the Truman Water Park and a long overdue birthday party for our 8 year old granddaughter Evie the last two days. The kids got to swim in the ocean and had a blast at the water park.

Three out of the last four years I have missed Evie's birthday party because of bike rides....either supporting Rotary's week-long WaCanId ride or in the case of this year my cross country ride. So we surprised Evie last night with a birthday party. She wanted steak and you can see her chomping down on a bone-in steak.

One of the largest treasure finds in history happened in Key west and is on display, including gold, silver, and emeralds at the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum. World famous treasure maritime salvor Mel Fisher uncovered the 1622 wreck of the Spanish galleon Atocha in 1985, after an exhausting search which took over 18 years and cost him the life of his son, a professional diver. Ropes of pure gold and fist-sized emeralds were recovered. This is the largest underwater treasure find in history. Mel's family continues the search for the remaining cargo of the Atocha today. Mel started his full time treasure hunting career in Vero Beach when he moved there with his family, from California in 1963 after selling the family chicken ranch. Mel spent the next 7 years successfully salvaging the 1715 Fleet, a fleet of sunken treasure-laden ships, which sank off the coastline which is why the surrounding area got the name, "Florida's Treasure Coast".

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