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Pea Soup

Today was one of those days. Started out normal, ride was going fine, mostly out of the hill country, through the entire Florida Panhandle on my way to the East Coast of Florida and St. Augustine on Friday. Expected to ride approximately 90 miles and stay in Green Cove Springs Florida. Got some interesting photos even though it was tough as the roads were lined with trees and I really couldn't see much other the road ahead. Then I missed a turn, finally figured it out and got to Green Cove only to learn there was no place to stay. So I ride to find a hotel outside of town, missed another turn and my cell phone battery was dead...lost again. Finally convinced a fast food employee to let me charge my phone and found the hotel several miles from where I thought it was. Through it all, there was a headwind, two afternoon thunderstorms and a stretch of 30 miles without any place to stop to get out of the heat and replenish my water. All in all, really not a bad day...I got through it, met some great people who helped me out and ride donations continue to come in. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Short ride tomorrow as I plan on spending some time in St. Augustine, the oldest city in U.S., more on that tomorrow.

Couldn't help but think of pea soup for some reason when I rode by the "green" pond above.

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