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One Too Many!!!

With all our visitors gone, I've resumed my daily walks around the island. After I thought I had seen it all, today I discovered more of the unusual and quirky characteristics that make Key West such a unique and fascinating place, one like no other I have seen.

Let's start with a new addition to Key West's famous sunsets at Mallory Square. Amongst the various street vendors, jugglers and tight rope walkers Santa has joined the fun. Let's just say that Santa had one too many from his "little helper" in the flask. Key West likes it's dive bars so much so that someone has a "Dive Bar Shirt Club" old school van. When driving or walking around the island one encounters literally hundreds of bicyclists, many of them tourists simply riding "townie bikes" around the island....many of which have no idea how to follow the "rules of the road" when riding especially after maybe having one too many drinks. Then you have the occasional Key West original bike or motorcycle ranging from bikes that look like bees to custom versions of "tuck tuck" bikes you see around many Asian countries.

The "Love Muscle House" is just a few blocks away from where we are staying. It's in a residential section of the island and no one seems to know anything about the home....I'll leave it to your imagination. Finally, while walking yesterday, I noticed a grass hut in the area between the sidewalk and the beach....perfectly camouflaged. I've long suspected that someone lived nearby as I see a bicycle chained to a nearby post on a daily basis. This morning a couple of small Christmas decorations were hung near the hut....everyone gets into the Holiday spirit in Key West.

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