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Oldest House in Key West and Cactus!!

Another early day of exploring Key West. The oldest house in Key West. Duval Street at 8 am, not a sole on the street. The bull on the side of The Bull Bar on Duval Street and the Garden of Eden "clothing optional" bar at above the Bull. Always amazed at the unique sights in Key kind of golf cart and cactus. Here I am in the middle of the only sub-tropical area in the continental U.S. and there is a large cactus growing in the yard of a Southwest style home!!! Being curious I decided to understand where cactus can grow and yes they grow quite well in other than arid just need to know how to take care of them. There are desert cacti, jungle cacti that grow in the rainforests of Central America, Brazil and parts of Asia, Mountain cacti and Coastal cacti.

Now to the oldest house in Key West and South Florida. Built in 1820's on Whitehead street by a ship's carpenter it was moved and expanded by Captain Francis Watlington to it's current location on Duval Street in 1829 using logs and donkeys. Captain Francis expanded to accommodate his wife and 9 daughters. Today it serves as a museum gives visitors a true feel for life in Key West during the 1800's.

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