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Nature at it's Best

Spent the last 2 days riding through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons national parks. Nature and the outdoors at their best. If that little tree can grow out of a lone rock in the middle of the Madison River there is hope for us all! Water flowing from a geyser field...so hot it appears on fire. Old Faithful going off. My favorite...morning calm on Lake Yellowstone after a peaceful night of camping. And of course, the Grand Tetons, a majestic sight to behold. No internet at the campground last night, so no post for yesterday....just a few pics above. In Jackson Hole Wy. planning on taking a recovery day tomorrow to meet up with a friend and former partner.

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I’m excited about riding and hope to raise funds for the Sandpoint Rotary Club’s Youth Service programs.  These programs make a significant difference in the lives of thousands of students as they prepare for the future.


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