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Lake Mead, Joshua Trees and Horspitality

Got a late start out of Las Vegas today. Had the RV de-winterized and had to fix two flat tires on my bike from yesterday's afternoon ride. Picture below of Lake Mead from the "Scenic Overlook" that is more a freeway overlook than of lake. Lake Mead began filling in 1935 while the Hoover Dam was still under construction. It is the largest man-made reservoir in the U.S. The dam is the height of a 60 story building. It regulates the Colorado River water flow providing water to 40+ million residents in the Mountain West and can produce some of the quantities of electricity in the U.S. More than 7 million people a year visit the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

After leaving Nevada, we traveled through forests of Joshua Trees and miles of boulders in North Central Arizona. We are staying at the Horspitality RV and Horse Camp in Wickenburg tonight....nice place except for the horse__it smell. On our way to Las Cruces New Mexico tomorrow.

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