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While I am waiting to get into the house we've rented for a couple of months, I've been spending a lot of time just walking around Key West taking pictures, finding out where everything is and enjoying the character of the Island. A few observations. It is hot, I guess that is expected given Key West is considered a subtropical area. Birds are everywhere. And, there aren't a lot of people here as it is offseason and there are no daily cruise ships stopping to visit the island because of COVID. I continue to be amazed by the local characters. Today, on a remote street in an area of the Key West that seldom has any tourists, an older gentlemen came riding down the street on a bicycle with a colorful set of angel wings and very little else for clothing.

Yesterday I spoke with one of the organizers of the Key West Hockey Club....the fall "roller hockey" season is about to start. I've discovered a new use for my pontoon....a roving tiki bar. I was always scared of the clowns in those "jack in the boxes" as a kid.

I'm amazed at the incredible homes in Key West that were built by prominent families. Many of them have been renovated and are now hotels or B&B's. Above is the William Curry Home. Curry was Key West's leading merchant who homesteaded the property in 1852. Curry was Florida's first millionaire. His business empire amassed a fortune during the Spanish-American War building ships, salvaging wrecks and erecting wharves. The above home was built by one of Curry's son's in 1095 and now a luxury B&B.

More walking tomorrow.

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