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Hiking, Biking, Petroglyphs and Birds

Been spending lots of time on hiking and biking in the Saguaro National Park. It is actually two separate locations, one about 10 miles West of Tucson in the Tucson Mountain District and the other about 10 miles East of Tucson in the Rincon Mountain District. Early morning view from the top of Wasson Peak this morning in the West section of the Park. One of the thousands of Saguaro cactus in the Parks. The Saguaro are native to the Sonoran Desert and don't grow naturally anywhere else. Great views of petroglyphs of the Hohokam people who lived in the National park between 200 and 1450 A.D. Shots of raptors during the free flight birds of prey show at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The birds fly so close you can feel the wind as they pass by you. The Desert Museum is a 98 acre zoo, aquarium, botanical garden, natural history museum and art gallery located just West of Tucson and adjacent to the Saguaro National Park.

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1 Comment

Mar 14, 2022

yep, you captured it, Mel. you're in all the right places.

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