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Friendly and Nice People.

One of my favorite things to do in Key West is to go to happy hour at Pepe's, the oldest bar and restaurant in Key West. Small, intimate, great bartenders, the best happy hour in town if you like oysters, great daily food specials and it is a real local or conch hangout. Every time I go there I meet interesting, friendly and truly "nice" people. Tonight, I had a great time getting to know Bill, Rhonda and Darryl. Bill is local and Rhonda and Darryl were in town from Dallas for their birthdays. Again, a great place to meet both locals and tourists alike.

Some interesting sights as I continue to explore the island. A steeple of one of the many churches on the island. Yes, that is half an airplane nestled between two small cottages... not exactly sure if it just landed there or was part of one of the homes as it looked attached to a cottage. Close-up of some sort of miniature shrine to something, not sure what but made for an interesting picture. Lastly, great shot of the sunset at the marina at Mallory Square along with the throngs of tourists there to view the sunset.

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