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Earthquake Lake and Advice

Basically an off day, laundry day and bike tune-up in West Yellowstone. 30 mile ride with some great scenery. On August 17, 1959 a devastating 7.5 magnitude earthquake violently shook the earth west of Yellowstone National Park triggering a massive landslide creating Earthquake Lake. Trees can still be seen in the resulting lake and riverbed. Sadly 28 people lost their lives. Rode by some amazing beaver ponds and listened to two young men get some great advice from Zoltar...."the best helping hand you will find is at the end of your arm" then he asked them for more money for more advice!! Staying at the West Yellowstone International Youth Hostel in the Historic Madison Hotel...yes they reluctantly accept 67 year olds. Who knows, I may be staying in the same room President Harding stayed in during a 1923 visit. I doubt he had to share a restroom and shower with other guests. West Yellowstone, a real tourist trap, is only about 1/3 busy....yet every campground and RV park I rode by this morning was full. COVID has everyone getting outdoors!

Will spend the next two days in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons on my way to Jackson WY to meet up with friends. May be a day or two before my next post.

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