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Early Mornings and Hurricane Hole!!!

Mornings in Key West are the best. Very few people, great photo opportunities, especially the sunrises. I would rather go to the White Street Pier as I did early this morning than fight the crowds at Mallory Square for the Sunsets. Plus, it is much easier to social distance at sunrise. Lots of fish around the pier this morning....not sure I would want to be the small fish with the large grouper hanging around the pier. Key West loves Halloween!!! Finally, one of the many beautiful flowering bushes all over the island.

Tomorrow I'm going ocean fishing, something I have been looking forward to for the past 3 weeks. I'm going out of Hurricane Hole Marina on Stock Island, the last island before entering Key West. The name Hurricane Hole came about due to the 2 lagoons located on the property. These lagoons are known as "Hurricane Holes". Hurricane Holes are ideal locations to moor your boat during a hurricane. They are deep, narrow coves or inlets that are surrounded by a number of sturdy trees which block the wind and provide a tie-off for anchor lines. During hurricane season, the lagoons are actively used for vessel shelter.

Hopefully, lots of fish pictures for tomorrow's blog post.

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