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Early Morning in Key West

Key West is famous for it's sunsets and nightlife. Mallory Square is jam packed every night for the sunsets. The bar and restaurants stay open to all hours...some to 4 am and they open early. There are at least as many people out and about at midnight as at noon. Because of always starting my days early on my ride down here, I am generally up very early. Some morning, very few people are out and about other than people going to work or those that are just getting off. Other mornings the streets are full of walkers, bikers, and joggers. Today was one of those busy early mornings. To my surprise there were a lot of people on the various public piers waiting for the sunrise. I got some great favorites being the largest green iguana that I have seen and seagulls who were lined up like they were posing for any and all that would take their picture.

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