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Contrasts and a Milestone

Interesting day. Got a late start in Rawlins Wyoming after visiting the Verizon store to get my phone working. Day started by riding 20+ miles on Interstate 80....lots of traffic but great shoulders. Couldn't help but think of the comparison of my human powered bicycle to the massive vehicles whizzing along on the interstate by the oil refinery in Sinclair Wyoming. Ironically, shortly after riding on the interstate I passed the "Overland Trail" used by wagon trains and others to cross the can see in the picture that the trail is still in use by ranchers and others. Finally, the comparison of the wild antelope to the the cattle in the fields. I hit the 1,000 mile milestone today at precisely the spot my bike is parked in the picture. Short ride today...60 miles after yesterday's 125 miles and the late start. Camping at the Lazy Acres Campground in Riverstone Wyoming. Tomorrow I will leave Wyoming and hopefully it's crazy winds behind and begin my journey through the Colorado Rockies.

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