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Bike Riding and Reading

Windy day in Key West today as the region gears up for another hurricane. Got a great shot of the water crashing over the seawall at the end of the White Street Pier. I love watching the waves and can't imagine what it must be like during a major tropical storm.

Different blog pictures of Key West other than the water or history today. I want to share with you a big day for our Rotary club.

Many of you know that the Sandpoint Rotary Club organizes the CHAFE 150 Gran Fondo and has been doing so since 2013. I've been involved in the ride since it's inception in 2008. The ride had a breakout year in 2019 attracting over 500 registered riders who rode multiple routes ranging from 150 miles to a family fun ride. The ride has gained national attention being named the number 3 charity ride in the country in 2019 and one of the top ten scenic rides in the country. It attracts some of the top riders in the Pacific Northwest and from around the country and in 2019 the Paralympic gold medalist participated. Over 150 volunteers from Rotary and numerous community organizations are involved in the ride. Since 2013 our Rotary club has donated $370,000 to our local school district for various educational programs including our district's after school reading program the past two years. Sadly we had to cancel the 2020 ride due to COVID-19.

The great news is that through the generosity of many of our 2020 ride sponsors and riders who donated their 2020 sponsorships and rider registration fees we presented a $50,000 check to the Lake Pend Oreille School District during our Rotary meeting today to continue support of the after school reading program. If you have ever read a book with your children or grandchildren you know there is nothing more fulfilling than witnessing the joy and excitement of a young child read. Not only does it enable them to learn, it allows them to go on to success in life. The pictures above capture the excitement of students participating in the program. I can't thank our sponsors and riders enough for their generosity. Without their support our donation would not have been possible.

The 2021 CHAFE 150 will be on June 19, 2021. We are already busy planning for the ride. To learn more about the ride, the cause and our sponsors go to

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