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Beast of Burden, AKA Bob

More of the same today. 100 miles across South Central Kansas. Hot...95+ degrees with mostly cross winds. Currently in Augusta Kansas...abut 10 miles East of Wichita. Crossed the Arkansas River multiple times today. Interesting to see signs for horse drawn carts on a 4 lane highway....I didn't see any! Yesterday, I looked down at my wheel and a large green grasshopper had hitched a ride. I tried to get him to leave but he won' we rode for about 1/2 mile before he must have gotten dizzy enough to let go of the wheel.

Many have been asking about Bob. Who is he? Where did you meet him? Is he like "Wilson"? Is Bob your bike's name? Someone even asked if Bob is a stuffed animal! He's my trailer. Always carrying my stuff, always following me, reliable except when Bob's tire fell off crossing a street in Colorado and much easier to ride with than panniers. Bob weighs about 13 pounds and when loaded about 60+ pounds. Makes for some tough hill climbs but pretty much isn't any difference than carrying everything in panniers.

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