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All About Fish and Fishing.

Yesterday and today were all about fish and fishing. Went to the aquarium with our grandkids yesterday and today Justin, my son, Jace, our grandson, and I went ocean fishing. Great day fishing in spite of very rough seas. I have a whole new appreciation for the slogan "don't rock the boat"!!! Jace caught over half the fish pictured above....not bad for a 12 year old who has never been ocean fishing and the fact that it was difficult to even stand up and hold the fishing rods let along catch 20 fish.

We are going to Key West's oldest restaurant tonight, Pepe's, and have them prepare our fresh fish. They do a great job, the cozy backyard is packed with history and the food is as close as it gets to Florida home cooking. Pepe's opened in 1909, and it touts that history inside and out. Vintage photos of Key West overlook the well-worn wooden booths and tables. Ask any local to name the restaurants they eat at and Pepe's will always be on their list of "must go to places".

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