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A thing of beauty

Woke up this morning to 40 degree weather and could barely feel my toes in my sleeping bag. The day started with 6 mile warm up ride and then approximately 3,000 feet of climbing over the next 6 miles...granny gear on the climb. Summited Chief Joseph Pass and found a long flower on an otherwise desolate road shoulder. Spent the afternoon riding through the "Big Hole"...literally a big hole surrounded on all sides by mountains. The Big Hole was the site of a two-day battle on August 9 and 10, 1877 between the U.S. and the New Perce Native Americans lead by Chief Joesph. The Nez Perce were trying to flee to Canada to escape being placed on a reservation. After the battle, the Nez Perce fled to Yellowstone and then North to Canada where they surrendered only 40 miles from the border. Short day today, only approximately 56 miles. Staying at a wonderful hostel in Jackson MT., population 36 or 37 depending upon who you ask. No stores, no gas stations, just a hostel!!!

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Aug 12, 2020

Wow, Mel... what a journey so far. Lots of adversity! I am imagining how your photos will change as you leave the mountains for the Great Plains. Your photos are great!


Lorraine Lamorie
Lorraine Lamorie
Aug 06, 2020

Hello Mel enjoying you sharing your day!!! Thank you!! Don't forget the phone charger 😷

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