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8 Days, 2794 Miles, 5 RV Parks and 2 Hotels

We have been on the road for 8 days, driven almost 2,800 miles, stayed in 5 RV parks and 2 hotels. Still 3 days away from our destination of Winfield Alabama, where we will have some warranty work done on our new RV. Why Winfield? A story for another day!!!. We have driven separate vehicles the entire time as we can't tow our Jeep until we have the RV worked on by the manufacturer in Winfield. Tonight will be the first night that the temps will not be in the 20's. We are in College Station Texas tonight. We actually saw green grass for the first time since we left our snow covered green grass in Sandpoint. Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and West Texas all seemed the same.....miles and miles of desert, mountains, cactus, oil wells and dust or limited visibility. On our way to Baton Rogue La. tomorrow.

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