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5,000 Miles!!!

In my last post I posed the question of what is the significance of the number 20. Many of you had great guesses ranging from the number of bicycles I own to how many weeks I have been gone. All good guesses. My wife believes my 4 bikes are excessive and at least 3 more than one should have. For those who ride, the correct formula for the number of bicycles one should own is "N +1" with N being the number of bikes one currently owns. Our time in Key West is coming to an end. We will arrive back in Sandpoint one week from tonight. And tonight is exactly 20 weeks from the day I left on my bike trip.

Now for the significance of the number 20. At the time I left on my journey I planned on riding 5,000 miles and I asked everyone to consider donating a penny a mile or $50 to Sandpoint Rotary's Youth Services programs. Well, the best laid plans never quite work out...forest fires in Colorado, hurricanes in the the South and saddle sores forced me to change my plans and route numerous times such that I was only able to ride 4,000 miles before I arrived in Key West. Not to be deterred from my 5,000 mile goal, I decided to finish the goal by walking 1,000 miles in Key West. I am happy to inform you that I met my 1,000 mile walking goal the day after my last blog post by walking 20 now you know the significance of the number 20! Thanks to all who supported and followed my ride.

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