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The Morning After!!!

We survived our first tropical storm!!! Eta, the 28th named storm of the hurricane season, made landfall in the Keys last night about 45 miles north of Key West. Predicted to be a category 1 hurricane when it hit the Keys it fell short with maximum winds of 65 mph. Key West was spared the torrential rains that hit other Florida communities that were further away from the "eye" of the storm. Eta is now over the Gulf of Mexico and is likely to pick up steam, reorganize as a hurricane and then head northeast and hit central and north central Florida. We are expected to have more rain as the storm intensifies over the Gulf.

The weather was beautiful this morning, although very windy and with some showers. I managed to walk around the island and get several photos of the waves, flood waters on the streets and wind blowing the palm trees as well as a scared green iguana that tried it's best to hide from me as I took a picture of it. My favorite place to watch the sunrise is at the White Street pier. This morning I captured a father and his young son in the fourth picture above as they were covered by a wave breaking over the seawall. The look on the face of the little boy as he ran from the wave was priceless....sorry I was unable to capture it on film.

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