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Snow, Planes and the Perfect Margarita

Great bike ride in the foothills of Oro Valley yesterday. Yes, that is snow in the foothills!!! Rode in an area I have never ridden in before, a community of airplane enthusiasts, When I entered the area a sign noted that all roadways were considered airplane runways, didn't think much of that until I started noticing all the roads had names like Kitty Hawk, Cub, Piper, etc. Then came upon a home with a gateway made out of airline wings and the backyard of the home had a large jet in it. Note the odd gray circle in the sky in the picture of the plane. UFO or spot on my camera lens??? Al the pics were taken with the same phone, you be the judge!!! Lastly, finished the day with the "Perfect Margarita" with Tom and Danna Williams, former next door neighbors and Sandpoint residents.

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1 Comment

Mar 02, 2022

hope to catch up with you while you're here

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